Questions about the game itself:
Which of the following makes you, the player, feel most like you’ve just had a really fun session? Rank the following options, 1-5.

  • Discover the bad guy’s secret plan to destroy the city, learned about the ancient dwarven catacombs under the city and concocted a cunning plan to make sure the town is prepared.
  • Fight the big bad guy, slaying him in mortal combat.
  • Having killed the bad guy, we leveled up and got a good share of loot to spend.
  • Having slain the bad guy, we spent the evening talking to the high council of the city. Something seemed a bit off with the deputy governor, so I’m no longer sure the town is safe.
  • Hey, we ate chips, laughed a lot and probably did some roleplaying! Sounds good to me!

General Campaign Type:

  • Heroic Campaign – Player characters are good aligned heroes, helping the downtrodden, righting wrongs, and bringing hope to people who have little. Expect a through dose of good v evil as a plot device. Characters will oppose evil wherever they may go, explore uncharted lands, discover their fortunes, carve out their strongholds and make war against demons and devils.
  • Similar but distinct option – forces of law fighting against chaos.
  • Gritty Campaign – Lower fantasy and darker. Players should expect their characters to be fighting for their very lives on a daily basis. Forget saving up for that +3 sword, think about saving up to have that curse lifted. Players should keep a second character on hand in case anything… unfortunate… should happen to their first choice. Good and neutral characters may hope to right some of the evils of this world, but they had better be prepared to struggle and should expect some serious setbacks along the way. Success is an option, but far from guaranteed.
  • A heavily themed game. The characters will be starting a mage’s guild, attempting to found a church of a deity foreign to these lands, opening a guild of thieves or something similar. The directions the group chooses to move with their newly founded organization will certainly appeal to some groups, and make deadly enemies of others. Conflicts over territory, taxes, knowledge or just plain old aggression likely to ensue.

We have selected a number of possible starting locations. Where would you like to start?

  • The Bandu hills. Way down south, just south of the Mwangi Expanse. The hills are high and beyond them, the forests are dense. How many days since we saw civilization?
  • The Island of Hermea. Now I know why sailing ships are listed on the standard equipment table! How many days until the next ship arrives?
  • The Verduran Forest, Central eastern part of the world map, inside of Taldor, a once great empire now declining in importance and in control of its land holdings.
  • Thuvia Desert – Just north of the Barrier Wall. How many days water does your character have left?
  • Sodden Lands – A stinking swamp. Sailing offshore is difficult because of a hurricane that has been sitting in place for years, the storm surge creating this briny swamp. How many days until your socks dry out? Oh, and watch out for the ROUS’s.
  • Realm of the Mammoth Lords – I hope you packed a parka! Adventure on the icy tundra. Fighting monsters helps you stay warm. When was the last time you had a hot meal?

Building Your Own Kingdom
If given the option to create your own kingdom, using rules based on (though not identical to) those found in the Kingmaker Adventure Path, is building a kingdom…

  • Undesirable?
  • Optional?
  • Optimal?

Magic Level:

Which level of magic do you prefer?

  • Low magic – No shopping for magic – there are limitations on what is available in the world. I expect having magic items to be meaningful.
  • Standard – Base rule book levels of magic.
  • Magic flows like water – Even fighters might be able to wield some magic besides their items.

Character Guidelines:

  • Must play well with others. This will be a team project.
  • Characters should be of an alignment appropriate to the game. Heroic = good. Lawful = lawful. Surviving in the darkness – neutral or good. If we go option 3), evil characters are fine, but your character should still be designed with teamwork in mind. We don’t really desire to referee while y’all just fight each other.
  • Membership in a faction is an excellent idea. It will give your character some initial direction and give a lot more depth, as well as some general goals. It also gives us a chance to create some NPC’s to deepen the backstory. The general idea is that your character is part of an organization and has some responsibilities to further the goals of that organization. As American Express says, membership has its privileges, but it will also mean taking orders sometimes. If your character doesn’t start off in a faction but you want to get into one later, opportunities are available.


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