This page will contain information on locations in the game. For now most of the info is under my hat.

Some setting options that have been presented are:

Hilly regions in the south-most parts of the world (though that does not imply sub-arctic or anything).

An island in the midst of an ocean. Hope the natives don’t toss you into the volcano!

Deep, dark forests. Not terribly distant from kingdoms, but still fairly lonely and difficult to traverse. Most people would have stuck to the roads around the edges.

The deep desert. Where there is water, there is life. Where there is no water, well. Clerics might discover that create water is less than reliable for plot related reasons. Not committed to that, but I’m just sayin’. If we go this direction, I might decide to make water a worry.

A stinking swamp. Think Dagobah or the fire swamp.

The frozen tundra. Icewind Dale type of stuff. Pack a parka! Remember the note on water above? Think the same thing about fire cantrips here.


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